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Terms and Conditions


Engine must pass a Dyno test for 70% of rated horsepower. Blow-by will conform to the manufacturer’s specifications for International, Caterpillar, Cummins and Detroit and other applicable OEM’S. Crankcase, manifold and fuel pressure must not exceed manufacturer’s specs. All electronic engines ECM must retain mileage and hour information and be cleared of all passwords prior to turn-in. Additionally, original password must also be provided prior to turn-in.

All emissions, including but not limited to, Diesel Particulate Filters, EGR valves, EGR coolers, must function properly and pass industry test and inspection.

All 2007 and newer EPA compliant trucks and engines must have a fully functional Particulate Filter capable of regeneration at normal factory intervals.

All engines must be steamed cleaned. No fluid leaks on engine, accessory components, or drive train. Oil leaks are classified as (A) normal build up, (B) wet accumulation, and (C) drip. Classification (A) is acceptable, (B) and (C) type are not acceptable and need to be repaired or replaced.

Batteries, starter, alternator and other ignition system components must be in sound condition and capable of starting and charging system under chassis own power.


Brake linings on all axles must be at least 50% or min.1/2" from wear mark.

Brake drums and / or disc brakes must be D.O.T. acceptable. Brake drums may not exceed manufacturer’s stated maximum diameter (.120” over original diameter).


All drive tires must be matched per axle; all sizes on units must be same. Must have minimum remaining tread depth of – 9/32” rear and 11/32” original front. Measured at groove with least tread depth of each tire. No casings accepted that do not meet D.O. T. standards & requirements. No trailer tires.


No broken or cracked frames, springs, axle housings or fifth wheels will be accepted.


Dents, body damage and /or frame rust damage allowance will be $250 or less including fuel tanks, bumpers and aerodynamic devices.

No broken, cracked or chipped glass will be accepted. Must meet D.O.T.

Interior must be in good condition. All Accessories including, but not limited to; radios, gauges, lights, Air Conditioning and controls must be as originally installed and in good working order. No rips or tears in seats will be accepted.

All standard and optional equipment as originally manufactured on or in truck chassis and body must be included and must be in working order. Van and truck bodies, which are not the same year as the truck, must be specifically identified. Refrigerated units need to be identified by manufacturer, year, model and engine hours and total hours of usage.

Unit(s) will be de-identified (with heat gun, not scraper) before turn-in. Paint must NOT be damaged. Paint should be original or equivalent.


Unit(s) will be road worthy, capable of operating as originally designed and passing all State and /or Federal safety inspection requirements.

Must have Current Federal D.O.T. inspection sticker.

Documents & Records

Must have negotiable Title and be free of liens.

Federal Highway Use Tax form #2290 must have proof of current payment.